We save lives of seniors and dogs with medical needs

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Buddy, an eight year old American Bull dog mix was rescued the day he was supposed to be euthanized for suspected cancerous tumors. His prior family dumped him at the shelter because they did not want to provide him with proper medical care, but that didn't stop him from smiling every time someone walked past his kennel.  His foster daddy and fosters human sister cared for him while he underwent surgery to remove his three tumors, which were not cancerous!  Thankfully, Buddy was a foster-fail, and was adopted by his foster family!  We are so happy for Buddy and his new family!




Ethel was a three-year old sweet pit-sharpei  mix who was suffering from bleeding feet, ears, tail, and legs due to neglected allergies. We sponsored her medical needs and found her an amazing home as a spoiled only child. 



Sir, was a seven week old blue nose pit-puppy who was dropped off at a vets office due to a landlord's breed restrictions. PFBR quickly rescued him and found him a loving home in less than 24 hours. 



Although Marcus wasn't a direct adoption, PFBR rigorously networked Marcus to help find his forever home. We still consider him part of the PFBR family!



Gracie was an eight week old pit mix who was sick with parasites. Despite being sick for nearly six months, she was still a crazy ball of energy. The founders of PFBR adopted Gracie as their own to assist with increasing the energy of their senior dogs.



Linus was a two year old  E-listed shelter boy who was tied to a tree most of his life. Also, his left front leg was half the normal size and  was set back like a wing. PFBR rescued him, amputated his left  front wing, and provided him behavioral training. In his new active home, tripod-Linus swims, hikes, and camps with his two fur-sisters. Missing a leg has NOT slowed him down. 



Daisy was a three year old pit-lab mix who was dumped because her family was moving out of state and did not want to take her. She was so terrified at the shelter, so she was  immediately placed on the euthanization list. The founders of PFBR adopted Daisy the day before she was to be euthanized.  



Maxwell was a 16 week old pit-dane mix who was emaciated and had staff infection due to his brothers' and sisters' living conditions. The founders of PFBR adopted Maxwell as their own and assisted in finding one his sister's a forever home. 



Oreo was a 13 year old border collie E-listed shelter girl whose owner passed away. She also was extremely ill with valley fever and cancer. The founders of PFBR adopted Oreo as a hospice rescue, providing her lots of love and comfort for the rest of her life. Unfortunately, Oreo passed away just seven weeks after her adoption in 2014. RIP



Sydney was a five year old pit-boxer mix who was dumped after being used for breeding. She was also missing hair on parts of her tail due to infection and tick infestation. The founders of PFBR adopted Sydney so she could be the matriarch of the pack. 



Cadey was a six-week old Australian Cattle-Border Collie mix who was left inside a box on the side of the highway. She had several parasites and demadex, so she spent months in and out of the vet. The founders of PFBR adopted Cadey because she helped heal their family's heart after the sudden loss of their oldest rescue boy, Perry.  



Niko was an eight-week old Australian Shepard mix who was born deaf and partially blind as a result of over-breeding. Niko was going to be euthanized because of his disabilities. The founders PFBR adopted Niko after fostering him for three months, because they could not let him go. Niko is 15 and still acts like a big puplp



Blue was a six month old Australian Cattle mix who was dumped by his family due to his allergies. All Blue needed was a few medications, weekly baths, and to be smothered in love, and his allergies were managed. The founders of PFBR adopted Blue because he looked like the puppy of their older boy and girl. Sadly, Blue passed away in 2015, at the age of 13. RIP



Perry was an an eight week old Australian Cattle mix who was the last of his siblings to be rescued. Perry was just a typical healthy puppy who needed to learn basic puppy manners. The founders of PFBR adopted Perry so his dog sister could teach him how to herd, play, and love others. Perry unfortunately passed away unexpectedly at the young age of 10, but left paw prints on his mom and dad's heart forever. RIP



Annie was a 1.5 year old Australian Shepard mix who was on the euthanization list.  Annie's prior family surrendered her because she  was afraid of men and was startled by loud noises. The founders of PFBR met Annie and it was love at first sight so they adopted her. Annie's adoption provided the idea for starting PFBR. Annie lived another 12 joyous years and passed away peacefully in 2013. RIP